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Moodo Smart Fragrancies


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SVG-animation, Bootstrap, Responsive development, WordPress.

The hardest part – animated fragrance badges with the expanding descriptions. They must push the surrounding ones on opening, move the whole canvas aside and back and be responsive for mobile devices. Also live round text was used.

How moving badges in Our Fragrancies section were made, my comprehensive tutorial on CSS and jQuery animation: An Object Expands, Moves, Pushing Other Objects Around.

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IT Top Stars


IT Top Stars is a company that conducts statistical research and makes infographics, based on them, of the most successful IT companies of Israel.

Most of the time we were concerned on making a big bunch of various animated charts with Charts.js.

All the rest work was also done: Web Design, HTML5+CSS3+Bootstrap, WordPress theme development, debugging, Google Analytics insertion.

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